Our automated, paperless billing process allows you to assemble your billing reports and send them off to all relevant coworkers in one click.


Boost your firm’s revenue with Lawyal.billing- the leading cloud-based service built for ultimate flexibility and ease.

Give your legal team the power to log and manage billable hours from anywhere, at any time. With its user-centric design, Lawyal.billing simplifies your billing workflow, ensuring ease and efficiency every step of the way.

Key benefits


Our advanced and intuitive document system allows you to upload thousands of documents to the AWS cloud and navigate through it easily and smoothly with a smart internal search engine.


A cutting-edge document management solution tailor-made for the legal industry. Lawyal.doc smooths the way you handle legal documents.

With the convenience to file, modify, and send documents seamlessly from any location, at any hour, it’s designed to keep pace with the dynamic needs of modern law practices.

Elevate your document management to new heights with Lawyal.doc – where innovation meets efficiency in the cloud.

Key benefits


An integral part of out advanced CRM system, Lawyal.newmatter, simplifies the digital file opening and onboarding of new clients, allowing you to seamlessly integrate new cases into your workflow with just a few clicks.


Enhance your firm’s client intake process with Lawyal.newmatter – a leading cloud based CRM solution designed for law firms. Enable your team to easily open new clients and cases files from any location, at any time.

Featuring automatic conflict checks within the firm and an intuitive “Know Your Client” form, Lawyal.newmatter optimizes the initial stages of client engagement.

With its user-focused design, this system not only streamlines file opening but also ensures a smooth, efficient onboarding experience every step of the way.

Key benefits