About Us

Focus on what you do best and let Lawyal help you with the rest.

Through innovative optimization methods and advanced technologies, Lawyal is enhancing the performance of law firms and driving better outcomes. Our solution eliminates the need to waste precious time on billing processes such as the tedious documentation of billable hours and allows our clients to focus on providing excellent legal services.  Our billing process is empowering, easy and stress-free, reduces friction between legal and finance departments, and lays the foundation for success. 

Our Story

With 28 years of experience leading Precise, a top provider of financial services for law firms, we realized that our employees and clients waste an incredible amount of time working inefficiently. In the absence of better tech solutions, we gathered a team of top talents and built our own cloud-based platform that reflects our unique knowledge and expertise in this field.

Working in close collaboration with our wonderful legal partners, we are constantly improving and updating our platform to ensure integration of the latest technologies, while maintaining an intuitive and user-friendly interface.  

Our Team